BAGIL BITES (U11-U12 Boys and Girls) -Session II

"ISC BAGIL BITES"  11U-12U Boys and Girls Indoor League

Session II

REGISTRATION will open in Late December of 2017




The ISC 11U-12U Boys and Girls Indoor League is known as:  The ISC BAGIL BITES INDOOR LEAGUE

What is the ISC BAGIL BITES Indoor League?

The ISC BAGIL BITES is in its 4th year.  THE BAGIL BITES is an indoor soccer league for the ISC's U11-U12 boys and girls.  We will offer this coed league for 2 sessions of indoor soccer each winter.  All games will be played at the Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Center, known as the HTRC.   The facility address is 2820 Prairie Meadow Drive, Iowa City, Iowa.  PLEASE NOTE that All of the games will be played in the old turf area, named the "HAWKEYE TURF."  Players are NOT allowed to wear cleats on this surface.  

How does the league work?  

The league is set up so that all participants sign up as individuals.  Participants are placed on a team with other players and they will remain on the same team for the entire session.  The ISC Coaching Staff will form teams and divide the teams evenly.  

All participants are guaranteed 10 indoor games with the team that they are assigned to play with for the session.  

In addition, the ISC coaching staff will ensure that all players on each team will play as close to half of each game as possible.  

Who is eligible for the league?

Participants must be a registered ISC "POP, ISC "POPPI" player,  "or an ISC Advanced Year Round Player to compete in the league.   We would also include any 11U or 12U player that is currently enrolled in the Winter ISC Lightning Program.

Format of League-5v5 Indoor Soccer 

5v5 Indoor Soccer-No Walls- (4v4 + Keepers with a futsal ball) Games are played on an excellent turf field at the Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Center on the older turf area called the "HAKWEYE TURF."  Players are NOT allowed to wear cleats on this surface.   Since there are no walls, when the ball is played out of bounds, we will play kick-ins for restarts.  

We will use a futsal ball, but we will not use the official futsal rules for play.  

The field space is 25 yards wide by 40 yards long.   With 4 field players on each team and a goalie for each team, the space allows for good soccer to be played by the teams.   

Who coaches the teams?

The ISC coaching staff will be present for each team to coach the games.   

When is the League Offered?

We hold two sessions each year.  

Session I runs from November 2017 through the first weekend of January 2018.  

Session II runs from January  2018 through March 2018.       

What Days of the week will games be played?

Games will be played only on Saturday nights for Session II of the 2018 BAGIL BITES League (11U-12U League) .

Game Times:

Games will be held during the time frame of 4:30-8:35 PM on Saturday nights.  


On most Saturday nights, each team will play 2, 45 minute games.  On Saturday, February 17 and Saturday, February 24, each team will only play 1 game on those nights.   

At this time, the exact game times for your child's games on each Saturday night cannot be determined, but the games will all be scheduled only on the Saturdays listed below and ONLY in the window of time from 4:30 to 8:35 PM.   

League games will be played on only the following Saturdays for Session II of the ISC BAGIL BITES: 

January  2018: 20, 27 

February 2018: 10, 17, 24

March 2018: 3

Cost for the League: $85 Per Player 

$85 Per Player:  for 10 League Games and a League Tshirt/Jersey.    

What should players wear to the games? 

WE will provide a league t-shirt/jersey.

Does my child need to wear shin guards for the games?

Yes!  Absolutely.  

If I sign up for the league, do I need to make all 10 games?

Most likely you will need to be available for most games, but it is not required that you play in all games.    

Duration of each match

45 minutes with a running clock-no half time.

Format and Goals of the League:

We will have 10 teams for Session II.  

We guarantee that ALL teams will play 10, 45 minute long games for the season.

We will NOT keep standings for our U11-U12 league.  However, we will keep score during the matches for the kids to be aware of, but after the games are finished, the scores are not posted anywhere.  We do keep standings for the U13 and older leagues, but we will not keep standings or post scores for the ISC U11-U12 division which we are calling the BAGIL BITES division.  There are a number of reaons for this, but most simply, we know from many years of youth coaching experience that players will still play and compete without standings and scores posted.  The ISC approach to coaching is a long term player development focus.  At times, parents struggle with this concept.  However, we have a 19 year tradition of developing high level players through this player development focus.  Below is a summary of why we believe a player development focus for U11-U12 players is enhanced when the focus of our coaching is on process oriented goals and not outcome based goals:

Why tracking scores and standings is not necessary for a U11-U12 league in a player development club like the ISC?

1) Players need to play without fear of making mistakes at the youngest ages.  When scores and league standings are always on the player's mind, players don't play or exhibit as much risk taking or creativity.   Despite the many, many years of youth soccer tournaments in the United States, why has the United States only produced on Landon Donovan and one Clint Dempsey?  Players in Brazil don't keep score until U12.  

2) In the ISC, we believe that a long term player development focus must provide kids with opportunities to play in different parts of the field.  When coaches and players are worried about whether the team is first or second in the standings, players are less open to trying new roles and coaches are less willing to assign kids to different roles within the team.

3) Team and player assessment is often judged on wins and losses, or in other words, on the outcome only.  When the score and standings become less central to the player feedback that coaches give each player, the kids will actually receive feedback geared toward each player's own needs for development.  Sometimes kids are on a winning team, but they aren't really contributing as much as they could to the team.  When we focus on feedback that is helpful to each player's improvement and ability to help the team, rather than whether we won or lost, more players will improve more rapidly than when the feedback is based on only the result of the match.  

4) New players to the ISC will benefit greatly from an approach that focuses on skill and tactical development rather than scores and standings only.  When new players join, they are going to feel behind.  In our belief, U11 and U12 is far too young to enhance the feeling kids have of being "behind."  We want kids to develop and feel like they have a chance to contribute if they work hard, do extra practices, etc.  We don't want them feeling like they are costing the team critical points in the standings simply because they joined club soccer a little later than others.

In sum, the ISC is a highly competitive club.  The approach outlined above is NOT a "feel good, everyone is a winner," approach.  This approach is age appropriate in our opinion for 10, 11, and 12 year old soccer players.  There is a time and place for scores and standings and for results to matter above the rest of the criteria that we use to evaluate players and teams.  We don't feel that the U11-U12 age is that time.  We strongly believe players will stay in the game longer and be more capable and versatile players with the approach outlined above.   We hope as parents that you can trust our judgment on this issue.   Hopefully the extremely successful track record of high level high school and college players that have worn the ISC jersey is a testament to how this process works!  


Registration will open on in late December of  2017.

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